Thesis Chapter 1 About Facebook

Topics: Advertising, Developmental psychology, Social network service Pages: 4 (1005 words) Published: February 26, 2011
Chapter 1

Advertisement was used by different companies for their products to be recognized to the consumers. It was very common for us to see and hear this advertisement in different media form such as print, radio and television. But due to the fast advancement in our technology, the formation of the internet made it easier for different companies to reach out the people in selling their products. The advancement of technology made it easier for us to connect to those people living inside and outside the country. From e-mails up to what we called social networking sites, there are many ways for us to be connected to different people from the country all over the world. One of the famous social networking sites today was Facebook . It has features which were useful not just to their users but also to those small and big enterprises who subscribe to this site to get the attention of the people. This site was a trend setter not just in field of communication but also in advertising. Many of the modern aged people consider checking out their liken products in the internet than looking to those previous media form.

This study aims to know if the social networking site Facebook as an advertising medium has an effect to the behavior of the selected Broadcasting students in Laguna State Polytechnic University.

Background of the Study
Social networking sites were created to form relationship and partnership within that website who could access their profile. It has been improved from time to time since the idea was coined up. As of today, Facebook was a huge hit that almost 500 million people all over the world have their access to this site. Advertisers grab the opportunity in advertising their products through creating their own account and spread out their products to the users or even with just a click; your advertisement will appear at the side bar of your profile. Since advertising in this...
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