Thesis Chapter 1

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A Proposed Computerized Registration System with Student Access in Enrollment (CRSSAE) of Montessori Professional College – Imus Branch

A Research Study

Presented to

The Department of Computer Science

Montessori Professional College – Imus Branch

In Partial Fulfillment of the

Requirements for the Degree of

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 4-a


Kelario, Marcelino J. Jr.

Lolong, Mary Ann Tonette D.

Marquina, Sherly H.

Problem and It’s Background

1. Introduction
The name Montessori Professional College is derived from Maria Montessori of Italy who was the first Doctorate educational materials and methods. This considered to be an innovate concept.
The President and founder, Mr. Danilo Magsino Dy, reflected and inspired by the idea of opening a school patterned after the Montessori Schools in United States of America, has established the Montessori Professional College International.

This aspiration to open a school became realty in 1997 when Montessori Professional College, Recto branch formally España branch was opened in Metro Manila and in different provinces.
Imus branch is one of the branches of Montessori Professional College (MPC) who offers a four year course. Some courses offered by the institution were Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) and Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM). The institution also offers Diploma courses. The Abovementioned School has a population of 902 students as of year 2008.

During the enrollment, the students need to get a temporary registration form from the registrar’s office to register. The registrar release registration form and the student need to fill it up by the information start from the student’s name to student’s subject loaded, not once but three times in one registration form, in order to have three copies. The first copy is for the students, second is for the registrar and last for the copy of main office.

When the students is done writing all the information in a temporary registration form, this from will sent back to the registrar to compute for the total equivalent of tuition fee according to the number of units student’s want to take up. After the student pay for tuition fee, the registrars encode all the information of the student coming from the temporary registration form by means of typing it manually to the computer.

The proponents come up to proposed a system because the proponents found out that the students doesn’t like to fill up information manually and repeatedly in a registration form. When the proposed system is implemented in the institution, the student doesn’t need to write manually their names and subject loaded. The registrar doesn’t need to encode one by one all the information coming from the students every semester.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
The proponents conduct an investigation for the proposed system entitled Computerized Student Registration and Enrollment System. The proponents attempt to answer the problem encounter by the student of Montessori Professional College by writing redundantly the information in a registration form.

The existing registration process used temporary registration form which the student needs to fill-up by the information and subjects loaded repeatedly. The proponents found out that after the registration and enrollment of the students, the registrar needs to encode all the information coming from the registration form submitted by the student. There some instances, that not all the information of student is complete. To be able to complete the record of a particular student, the registrar need to post on the office a memo to inform student that the information is need to be completed. That is one of the problems encountered by the students and registrars during registration process.

1.3 Objective of the Study

1.3.1 General Objective
To have a computerized...
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