Thesis by Onkar Sule on Consumer Protection Law

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The Evolution of Consumer Protection Law in India



Roll No. - 54

Masters of Management Studies

Year – 1st, SEM – 2nd




I, NADIRSHAW K. DHONDY, ADVOCATE SUPREME COURT, have examined the thesis of Mr.Onkar Pradeep Sule who is enrolled in the Masters of Management Studies program at K.C. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES at Kopri, Thane (East) for the academic year 2010-2012

His Thesis entitled The Evolution of Consumer Protection Law in India has been done in part fulfillment of final examination program.

He is evaluated to receive …………. marks out of 40.

Dated this 14th Day of February 2011.

(Signature of the Candidate) Signature

Onkar Pradeep Sule Nadirshaw K. Dhondy

Mobile No: 8097555566 Advocate Supreme Court


One of the pleasant aspects of preparing a Thesis is the opportunity to thank to those who have contributed to make the project completion possible.

I am extremely thankful to Professor Mr. NADIRSHAW K. DHONDY, Advocate Supreme Court, whose active interest in the project and insights helped me formulate, redefine and implement my approach to the project.

I am also thankful to my friends and my guardians and all those seen and unseen hands & heads, which have been of direct or indirect, help in the completion of this project.

The Doctor patient relationship in our country has undergone a sea change in the last decade and a half. The lucky doctors of the past were treated like God and people revered and respected them. We witness today a fast pace of commercialization and globalization on all spheres of life and the medical profession is no exception to these phenomena. As a result, the doctor-patients relationship has deteriorated considerably. Earlier too, doctors were covered by various laws, i.e. the Law of Torts, IPC etc., but since the passing of the Consumer Protection Act in 1986, litigation against doctors is on the increase. The medical profession is definitely perturbed by this and a rethink is necessary on standards of medical practice or 'defensive medicine'.

Surgeons/Urologists busy themselves in acquiring knowledge, perfecting operative techniques and assimilating the newest technologies that are evolving so rapidly. Sometimes the course of the disease or therapeutic decisions does not run along predictable lines. The patient-doctor relationship is then put to test.

Doctors practicing ethically and honestly should not have any reason for fear. Law whether civil, criminally or consumer law, can only set the outer limits of acceptable conduct i.e. minimum standards of professional care and skill, leaving the question of ideal to the profession itself.


➢ Medical Case law.

➢ Practices of medical law

➢ Case Study on

➢ Mercedes Benz

➢ Pepsi Company &

➢ Indian Medical Association


V.P. Shantha and Others.



What is Consumer Protection Law?
• Consumer rights are the rights given to a "consumer" to protect him/her from being cheated by salesman/manufacturer. Consumer protection laws are designed to ensure fair trade competition and the free flow of truthful information in the marketplace. The laws are designed to prevent businesses that engage in fraud or specified unfair practices from gaining an advantage over competitors and may provide additional protection for the weak and those unable to take care of themselves. Consumer Protection laws are a form of government regulation which aim to protect the rights of consumers. For example, a government may require businesses to disclose detailed information about products—particularly in areas where safety or public health is an issue, such as food....
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