Thesis About Solid Waste Mgt.

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Chapter I
The Problem and its Background

Today’s environment is beset of problems. Several years have past but the problem on garbage is still existing and proliferating as decades and decades come. It has been a pressing problem to governmental organization and also to include non-governmental organization on how are they going to address the problem.

The problem on garbage does not only affect the environment but also the lives of the entire populace. It affects everyday lives of the whole community for it brings hazards to their health most especially when epidemics come. It is a very challenging endeavour for citizen of every country to help resolve the problem and actually realize a clean and epidemic-free haven for the entire human race.

The effectiveness of the implementation of Solid Waste Management of one country does not only reflect the discipline of every citizenry but also the political will of the people who are in power. It is also a scale of the progressiveness of a country. The people are given by the divine providence the stewardship of their environment however such obligation could hardly be done, instead throw-away society exists. Global warming is a very alarming phenomenon in planet earth that must be addressed right away.

This problem is being triggered by incorrect practices of waste disposal which have become the culture and way of disposing wastes. The advent of disposable plastic materials which are easy to use is also one contributor in this problem. These are actually discouraged to be used but still people patronize these products and businesses still exists, nothing is wrong in using these products if people just know on how to properly use and dispose them.

Government and other sectors of the society make effort to reduce the waste by initializing programs and projects that would help mitigate the problem. They even try to make programs and projects that generate income out from garbage through recycling techniques, which is very conducive in minimizing the bulky plastic wastes which are supposedly for disposal already.

Everybody is playing a big role in winning this battle towards a clean and green environment, realization of this endeavour shouts for help and attention from every sector of the society. Indeed Mother Nature gives us this challenge on how to restore its beauty and original settings; though chaos and hopelessness in attaining this goal paralyze this objective still battle should never end.

Throw-away society became the easiest lifestyle in many part of the world. They did not realize how dangerous and if what are the possible effects of their actions. There exists the global warming, that causes danger to the lives of the people. Strong typhoons ruined so many lives already in many part of Asia to mention the Philippines; one concrete example is the typhoon Ondoy which destructed part in Metro Manila. To add up the irregular weather conditions that the country is experiencing nowadays: to include floods due to clogging of drainages and canals caused by the garbage irresponsibly thrown away.

The people are always caught unprepared by the surprises of the Mother Nature in just a glimpse of an eye many lives were lost. These scenarios are brought about by the people themselves. The people should think that everything that they input shall have corresponding consequences. It has been said before that the garbage you throw away shall come back to you. These problems on garbage exist not just in highly-urbanized cities, Calamba city is also beset with this kind of problem. Problem on the implementation of R.A. no. 9003 – Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 can be mirrored by looking at the streets, markets and other establishments near the center of trade in the city.

Lack of discipline of the community is the primary cause of this problem; however they could not be blamed for throwing their garbage anywhere for the accessibility...
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