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A Research Paper

Presented to

The Faculty of the High School Department

St. Scholastica’s Academy Marikina


In Partial Fulfilment

Of the Requirements in Language IV


Submitted by:

Katherine Anne Balazuela

Pia Janine Bernabe

Angelica Patricia Constantino

Goldianne Madriaga

September 2011

This chapter presents the background of the study, the statement of the problem, the significance of the study, and scope and delimitation.

Background of the Study

Parang High School building started only as an annex named, Marikina High School Annex. By the year 1993, Mrs. Lagrimas B. Garcia, the school principal, made extra effort on achieving full independence of the Marikina High School Annex to give birth to the school, Parang High School (PHS). PHS had been through a lot of changes since the School Year 1996-1997. Hon. Congressman Romeo DC Candazo, Hon. Bayani BH Fernando and Dr. Perla B. Menguito made a big impact on the transformation of the school’s image and into a conductive learning environment by boosting up the number of faculty members.

To have a beautiful future means to sacrifice and invest their own money and time to send the children in their family to school. According to Theodore Roosevelt, “Education is the key to success.” In the present times, education in the Philippines is very important. Education is the major basis of employment of the Filipino youth. To graduate with a college degree is to have a good job and even improve their self-esteem. These days, there have been a lot of concerns of the selected graduating high school students whether to pursue college or not, considering their concerns in their lives.

The researchers tend to seek solutions for the graduating students of Parang High School to be more interested and continue their education until the tertiary level. The researches want the readers to see the importance of continuing their education until they have a certain degree.

Statement of the Problem
This study identifies the interest of the selected High School students of Parang High School in pursuing tertiary education. Specifically, it sought answers to the following questions: 1. What is the interest level of the student?

2. What are the factors that may affect the interest of the selected high school students in pursuing tertiary education? 3. How does their school help the students in their college choices? 4. What are the most preferred college courses the students want to take up?

Theoretical and Conceptual Framework
The study is anchored on the theory of Randall Chapman that focuses on the behavioral theory on how students select a college. In his theory, there is a notion that college selection may be perceived as a process comprised of interrelated stages. Because of that perception, Chapman made a model describing the stages through which students progress the path toward the extremity of the said process. The stages are named as follows: Pre-Search Behavior, Search Behavior, Application Decision, Choice Decision and Matriculation Decision. The stages are divided into 2 main components: “search” and “choice” components. Search is defined as finding out information describing colleges. Information like cost, academic quality, future career prospects and opportunities upon graduation, quality of student’s life while in college and other considerations. The search ends when the student has decided to apply to a set of colleges. On the other hand, Choice is defined as the decision of the student to which college/university, which have admitted the student, will he/she enter. These two components are...
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