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Why should we care that people go to college? Because in a world of immense risk, higher education might be the last slam dunk bet. Seven of the ten fastest growing jobs in the next 10 years require a bachelor's degree or higher. Each additional level of education correlates with lower unemployment rates and higher earnings. Employment for workers with Masters, professional, or associates degrees are expected to grow almost twice as fast as the overall job market in the next decade. The benefits of college are quite clear.

But it's not enough to say that college pays off. We need to find ways to make this argument stick in every city, suburb and rural town. To do that, we need three kinds of better information. First, we need better information about students. A student's achievement should be digitized so that high schools and colleges can target those who are most likely to succeed in their programs. Second, we need better information about the college application process. Students and families need to benchmark achievement against a roadmap of success. Third, we need better information about schools. Applicants need to know where they fit, where their money might go furthest, where debt is worth it, and how much debt they can expect to have when they've graduated. Finally, since all the information in the world doesn't matter unless somebody reads it, we need new rules to aggressively promote the sharing of all of this information with parents, teachers, families and students. Background of the Study

Tuition costs are rising at alarmingly high rates.  College students drop out of school each year because they cannot afford it.  Others are forced to juggle full schedules with full time jobs to make ends meet.  It is becoming increasingly harder for students to graduate debt-free.

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