Topics: Marketing, Ethnocentrism, Consumer ethnocentrism Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Marketability of Ampalaya Seed Coffee

I. Objectives
II. Statement of the Problem
III. Significance of the Study
IV. Hypothesis
V. Scope And Limitations
VI. Time and Place of the Study
VII. Bridging the Gap

I. Objectives
The Objectives of the Study include
1. To identify the Problems inherent in marketing in buying Ampalaya Seed Coffee. 2. To ascertain the degree of correlation between product quality and the desire to buy Ampalya seed coffee. 3. To determine the effect of unethical advertisement on product marketing. 4. To examine the effect on purchasing power changes in consumer taste and product qualities on product.

II. Statement of the Study
Based on the objectives enumerated above and acknowledgement of the existing characteristic of the product, this research attempted to address the following research questions: 1. How do consumers evaluate the values attributes of ampalaya seed coffee products relative to similar products? 2. Are there significant differences between past and present evaluations in buying Ampalya seed coffee? 3. What is the extent of the consumer familiarity in buying ampalaya seed coffee? 4. What is the extent of consumer satisfaction in buying amplaya seed coffee? 5. What is the effect of consumer ethnocentrism on consumer satisfaction in buying ampalaya seed coffee? III. Significance of the Study

In view of the foregoing aspirations, this study examines consumer attitudes toward in buying of ampalaya. An attitude is made to determine the likely success of selling a particular product in the market it is likely to include potential demand, existing competitive products and a recommendation on strategy. It is hope that the result of the study will contribute in no small way to an understanding of the influences affecting in selling a product in the market. Such an understanding should conceivably help all who are involved in industrial development. In this country and beyond the manufacturer,...
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