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Computer technology is one of the important innovations in the twenty first century. It leads to improvement and change in processing, organizing, classifying data. In addition each institution adepts computerized system technology which will improve services to the target users. Now days, people are living in a world where modern technology is always present in almost every aspect of life. Different machine, equipment and gadgets are being developed and are being introduced in the market through the use of modern technology. The work of an individual becomes easier and more accurate. One of he business

Importance of the study

The proposed system is designed to store a large amount of information regarding to the sales of Roceline Apparel. It helps the sales officer to facilitate their sales. It also lessened the work and made the process faster. It helps the owner to review their sales every month or annually. This way of storing information is proven to be more efficient and accurate than the manual work process because you can easily see if the sales of your business is growing or not. That's why many businessman choose to have a system to their business because of the benifits thay they can get and to be able to managed their sales easily and efficiently.

Statement of the problem
Based on our research and interview to the Roceline Apparel, they are having a problem in facilitating or managing their sales due to the numbers of competitors and increasing price of the supplies. They can't predict what will be the outcome of their sales. And due to the improvement of their business manual process is not sufficient and applicable for them

Objectives of the study
Generally, the study aimed to develop a sales system for the Roceline Apparel. Specifically, the study aimed to;
1. Determine the capability of the system in gathering and allocating information. 2....
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