Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Bluetooth Pages: 3 (727 words) Published: February 10, 2013
In our economy where technologies are so rampant in our environment that changed into modern world, there are machines, gadgets and most of all cellular phones that can bring good or bad influence. Mostly in students, over the past decades the world has seen rapid growth in cell phone users. Everyone from adults to teenagers in high school seem to carry one glued to their ears, without understanding the possible health risks associated with the use of cellular phones. The interactive electronics, communication and particularly wireless communication from person to person and group to group, the communication networks that mobile telephony makes possible can be formed and reformed instantly and messages are received from a known source. These cell phones have side effects to the student’s academic. Some students have the habit of keeping their mobile phones during classes and studies, even in the library. The do so for their classmates to know their latest ringing tones, thereby distracting other students, even the teacher in the class. Some even put in vibration and distracted by the vibration from calls during classes, diverting their concentration on who is calling at the moment. This “mobile phone” with different memory capacity is used to download and store several musics of different lyrics and tones. The songs are being listened every now and then with the use of earpiece in the school or at home forgetting their academic work which is supposed to be their priority. Some even play these songs in the class, distracting the serious and minded students, while the constant use the earpiece makes it difficult for some of them to understand conversations with low tones and shout while talking with the aim to be heard. The academic distraction is getting worse by the day because those who didn’t own mobile phone are eager to get one. Once a student brings a book to study and a call comes, that is the end of study after the call, because their...
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