Topics: Marketing, Sales, Data flow diagram Pages: 8 (2157 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Perpetual Help College of Manila
Developing A Computerized Sales and Inventory System
For Ribbonette’s Bakeshop Using Visual Basic.Net

A Project Proposal Presented to
Perpetual Help College of Manila
In Partial Fulfillment of the
Requirements for the subject
System Analysis Design

Dela Cruz, Redentor
Lachica, Evan
Nicolas, Noel

Mrs. Analiza O. Villanueva
System Analysis Design Adviser


Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Background of the Company5
Statement of the Problem5
Objectives of the Study6
Scope and Limitation6
Chapter 2
Feasiblity Studies7

Chapter 3
Data Flow Diagrams
Existing System10
Proposed System 11

ER Diagram12
Data Table Structure13
Chapter 4
User Manual
System Requirements 15
Installation Steps 15
System Navigation 18


This study wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance and the assistance of several individuals who contributed and extended their efforts and concern for the completion of this study. First, the proponents would like to express their deepest gratitude to Mrs. Analiza Villanueva for her supervision during the course of this work so that they could come up with the accurate results. Second, they would like to thank their friends, who helped them in carrying out the tasks through the countless sleepless nights that went through, woke them up whenever they failed to stay awake, and provided motivation whenever they feel weary, drained and fed up. Lastly, they would like to thank the Almighty God who had provided them with these gifts of knowledge, perseverance and faith that were proven to be useful in these times of difficulty and helped them achieve their goals and objectives set during the start of this work.

Chapter 1

I. Introduction
Inventory is one of the fundamental tools used in any business establishment and is the primary source of sales information. Likewise, Ribbonette’s Bakeshop, a small-scale business, employs this tool which contains the list of all products for sale tabulated in a sheet of paper where tallies shall be written. This also includes nearly expired and spoiled goods. Inventory aids them in monitoring sales but tallying is time-consuming and has higher susceptibility to errors thus, providing imprecise sales information. A computerized inventory and sales system will be devised to help Ribbonette’s bakeshop achieve a more precise, systematic and error-free inventory of goods. Through this, an array of goods either procured or not will be classified as such making sales monitoring easier and manageable allowing the business attain a detailed record of goods. This will make the business cost-effective because it will reduce consumption of papers, pen, time and errors from tallies. Also, this system is more accessible and reliable for sales evaluation because it is stored in computer memory compared to keeping inventory sheets which is more likely to be damaged and lost. Sales monitoring is an important business practice and with the use of a modernized sales system, in demand goods, goods due for expiration and spoilage are early detected preventing profit loss.

Background of the Company

Since 1974, Ribbonette’s has been producing top-quality products that Pinoys came to know and has been recognized as well on neighboring countries in Asia. If you have tasted Tipas Hopias, then you must know how good their stuffs are. The shop doesn’t just offer hopias or Mooncakes, but they also have pastries and cakes that are loved by many such as their famous crinkles, eggpies and brownies. In the late 1990s, they had started distributing their products nationwide, starting from their main warehouse at Tipas, Taguig., thru...
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