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Chapter III


The purpose of this chapter is to present the methods used in the creation of the system. It also includes the discussion of software tools used in developing project

3.1. Conceptual Framework

Conceptual Framework is used in research to outline possible courses of action or to present a preferred approach to an idea or thought.


3.2 Project Planning and Management

In this part of the chapter, the proponents show the steps used for the improvement of the system.

3.2.1 Gantt Chart

This chart shows the start and finish dates of the estimated working days graphically.


Figure 3.2.1 Gantt Chart

3.2.2 Work breakdown structure per proponent

This table shows the assigned activity and the duration to complete the activity of each proponent.

|Main Activity |Activity |Duration of Weeks |Person In-charge | |Planning |Thinking what programming language |3 weeks |Dela Cruz Alvin jay | | |and database to be use in | |Marco Anthony Payumo | | |developing a system. | |Mark Anthony De Guzman | | | | |Nelson Bristol Ogrimina jr. | |Data Gathering |Collecting information about the |2 weeks |Marco Anthony Payumo | | |system to be developed. | |Dela Cruz Alvin jay | |Data Analysis |Study how the gathered information |2 weeks |Marco Anthony Payumo | | |will help in developing the | |Dela Cruz Alvin jay | | |proposed system | | | | | | | | |Documentation |Creating the 1st chapter of our |2 weeks |Dela Cruz Alvin jay | | |document | |Nelson Bristol Ogrimina jr. | |Documentation |Creating the 2nd Chapter of our |2 weeks |Mark Anthony De Guzman | | |document | |Nelson Bristol Ogrimina jr. |

|Documentation |Creating the 3Rd ,4th and 5th |2 weeks |Dela Cruz Alvin jay | | |Chapter of our document | |Marco Anthony Payumo | | | | |Mark Anthony De Guzman | | | | |Nelson Bristol Ogrimina jr | |Designing |Designing the system to be |2 weeks |Dela Cruz Alvin jay | | |developed. | |Marco Anthony Payumo |...
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