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THESIS STATEMENT: Solving the huge shortage of classrooms in public schools through the use of modern technology

Traditionally classrooms have been the place where students and teachers were brought together to enable learning. Where a course required hands-on practical experience, teachers, students, and the requisite equipment were brought together in laboratories to supplement the learning done in classrooms. We have classrooms because until recently it was the only way to have a group of students hear and interact with a teacher and their peers at the same time. But what if we're facing a huge problem regarding the shortage of classrooms? Yes, we are! In reality, Philippines is one of those country who have a very high in population that causes to have a huge shortage of classrooms is public schools.

The National Statistics Office of the Philippines shows that their projected population for this year will be at 94.01 million Filipinos. And as most of you know, there are many poor Filipino families that can't afford to bring their children to high and middle class schools. And as expected, a lot of students enrolled in the different public schools around the country and most of them are congested. Public schools are twice size of private schools. This may be due to free education offered in public schools, whatever may be the reason, students of public schools receive less individual attention as compared to private school students. And most of all, the shortage of classrooms on almost all of public schools. So we as a students of Our Lady Of Fatima University conducted a survey to the chosen few students of Longos Malabon Elementary School for the partial fulfillment in our Introduction to computer subject. But the first and foremost our main goal, which is to study about the effect of a huge shortage of classrooms on students of Longos Malabon Elementary School so that we will be able to find problems related to one of our country's problem and also to find an accurate solution for the given problem.

There is a huge shortage of classrooms and in some of the schools specifically Longos Elementary School, children have to sit on the floor in order for them to fit and to be accommodated. And of course, there's also lack of teachers in public schools. The problem with this is that if the teacher has a lot of students, it will be too daunting of a task for him/her to manage each student's progress, scores and data, and overall educational and behavioral development.

Their attention would be further divided and may affect the student's performance in the future. Also, due to the fact that there's a huge problem with space, these schools may or will implement shifting among their students. This would mean that a group of students will come in the morning. The next batch may be during lunch and next would be early afternoon.

Most likely, the problem here is that since their studying hours will be cut down to around 4 hours or so per day, they will miss on a lot of stuff and there might not be sufficient time for them to learn what they need to learn in their specific academic levels. For example, a grade 3 student may not have enough time to learn all the essential lessons that he/she may need to learn as foundations for the lessons in grade 4.

As we had conducted a survey, it was revealed that the students in Longos Elementary School have really a problem about the classrooms. Base on our survey questionnaire, they are not comfortable with their classroom to study… and also, almost 80% of the participants answered about the lack of chairs available for them… so just imagine studying without having chair. It’s really a strange feeling for a student like them. It can cause drop outs and even lazyness on studying. While 7 out of 10 students answered “no” in terms of having enough facilities inside the classroom. They also find their room as not that comfortable place on studying.,...
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