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Many studies show that college students’ academic performance and study habits are related (Tope, 2011). However, most colleges and universities indicate that most student are not achieving well as expected (Disney, 2003). One cited reason is their lack of developed learning strategies or study habits. Hence, these students are affected emotionally and may not be interested in learning more due to pressures created by inefficient learning styles and habits. Study habits are actions or manners that enable students to learn independently. It may require time and management. It is an adopted way or style that a student may plan to do private readings, reflect and understand lessons to attain mastery of the subject. According to Azikiwe (as cited by Tope, 2011) good study habits are good assets to learners because it assists students to attain mastery in areas of specialization and consequent excellent performance, while opposite constitute constraints to learning and achievement leading to failure. Developing productive study habits may greatly determine students’ success in taking examinations, earning a degree and completing assignments on time. By nature, habits are regular automatic tasks. With a regular study habit, the pain and struggle of trying to motivate oneself to study can greatly reduce the amount of stress during exam time as developing self-awareness will improve effective study techniques that will work for a particular learning style (Joseph,2009). Effective study habits are essential for success in college (Gates, 2005). When it comes to studying for a test in college you will find that you are basically left to study on your own. Some classes do not review for a test they expect you to have been following the course so far and taking notes. You will see that in college the notes you take will depend on what you think is important. In addition, listening is very important when it comes to...
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