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Chapter 1
The Problem and Its Settings

In today’s fast technology evolution changes particularly in the world of business, we have brought into a place of being updated and unique, believed to make our lives more fulfilling in our own ways. Having found one answer that will delight the customer’s needs in their everyday life, non-stop making an idea on how to grow a business faster and aimed how to lead the quality of their services. The application of today’s technology into a certain businesses helps a lot for the business to be in its best and since more of business transaction are done manually, we are planning to improve it by putting technology in the business through the use of Point of Sale System (POSS). Being an Information Technology student, it is a part of our job as future professionals to change the landscape of the business world into a better one. We can start from replacing the manual system to build a new one. We can be innovative in creating automated system. To be able to implement these goals, we chose the Citizen’s School Mart. Technology became the fastest rising sector in the society. More and more people are becoming aware of its great help to human functions. Point of Sale System gives business owners a convenient way of checking out what the customer purchase and of recording sales. It allows users to input via keyboard. You can also install the software on the desktop computer. The proposed system will not only lessen exerted time and effort, but it is also helpful in manipulating the sales and records reserved for future use. We believe that this study could offer great help in improving a business approach to change which economy demands.

Background of the Study
Before we start this project, we conducted some questions to different companies for us to know which company is better to have the computerized system. We asked them why is it difficult to have the manual system. Their answers are mutual. According to their answers, the manual system is difficult especially on their side and its customers because they are wasting so much time to find the product record or amount. That’s why we, students of Nueva Ecija University Of Science and Technology decided to choose and build Point of Sale System for them to make their work easier and faster. To help them search and easily knowing the price of the product by inputting its product code or brand name. This process may do the work faster and more convenient and we are very sure that this project will help them a lot.

Statement of the Problem
This study aims to make a solution to all the business owner’s common problems: decreasing of workload, slow services that make the quality of marketing in low standard because the manual system may not be able to work attentively during unexpected instances such as dealing with many customers that consumed much of time. Especially, this study aims to answer the following:

* What are the common problems encountered with the existing manual system of managing the business? * What are the possible solutions to the problems encountered? * What are the advantages of computerized Point of Sale System to the manual system in terms of: * User interface

* Efficiency
* Service quality
* System security
* What are the features of a computerized selling system?

Significance of the Study
In this study, the proposed system will inspire other students to develop an effective and efficient system. It serves as a basis and guide to other students in learning new system for further research and studies and provides an idea how on to build and develop computerized system and managing resources.

This study is conducted based on the following assumptions:
* That the owner and employee will use the proposed system? * That the current business management is operating manually and now requiring to be automated? * That the system avoids chances of...
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