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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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1. Introduction

Daniel’s pension house needs effective and accurate billing system to be able to assure their revenue. The Billing process involves receiving billing records, determining the billing rates associated with the billing records, calculating the cost for each billing record, aggregating these records periodically to generate invoices, sending invoices to the customer, and collecting payments received from the customer.

1. Background of the Study:

Daniel’s Pension house was build up since 2008 with capital investment of 1.8 million at Osita Subdivision City of Koronadal it is composed of 15 rooms with air-condition at affordable rate. This business owned by Mr. Danny Artil he decided to put up this business because he thought that many transient visitors, salesman, medical representative visits to the said city. According to him Koronadal city is lack of hotels and rooms to cater our visitors that is way he put up Daniel’s pension house. At present they don’t have system.

A billing system is a combination of software and hardware that receives call detail and service usage information, groups this information for specific accounts or customers, produces invoices, creates reports for management, and records (posts) payments made to customer accounts.

2. Statement of Objectives:
1. General objective:

To create a system that will lessen the work load of the stuff of pension house and for the convenience of the customers.

1.2.2 Specific Objectives:

To create a user friendly system
To provide good service to the customers
To lessen the work of the employee

3. Significance of the Study:

The billing system must provide service to the user, collect user usage records, and generate invoices of each credit expire, each billing cycle depends on...
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