Topics: Batangas, Lipa City, Taal Lake Pages: 9 (2971 words) Published: December 31, 2012
Frago, Kathleen Dianne M.December 4, 2012
A. Introduction
1. Story and History of Lipa
The primal composition of the ancient settlement in the southeastern region of Bombon Lake were elements of the dispersed colonial families founded by Datus Dumangsil and Balkasusa in Taal Batangas between the 10th and 13th century AD.  These pioneer settlers under the leadership of the fleeing Datu Puti, chief of state of the then mighty Sri-Vishayan Empire, purchased the lowlands from King Marikudo of the Mountain Province at his kingdom.  The purchased  lands consisted of Panay in the Visayas and the lowlands in Luzon including Batangas.  The ten (10) Bornean Datus divided among themselves the purchased lands, the Batangas Bay were apportioned among the Dumangsil and Balkasusa Clans. It is however subject to conjecture whether the pre-historic Negritos 12,000 to 15,000 years age or the much later waves of Indonesian and Malay seafarers from 5,000 to 300 B.C. were able to settle along the coasts of Batangas into the inner lake region of Taal which was accessible to navigation through the Pansipit River, thus, the possibility of miscegenetic marriages and cross culture among the aboriginal inhabitants, the old settlers and the latter Dumangsil and Balkasusa Clans.  Or whether violent wars had been waged between old inhabitants and new colonizers is uncertain too, incontrovertible proofs being wanting. It is however, a historical fact that out of this Bornean Tribe of the Dumangsil and Balkasusa Clan was born the ancestry of Lipa and as later on their descendants spread out towards Laguna de Bay and Bicol Peninsula.  The remains excavated from their ancient settlements in Butong , Taal, Calatagan Bay Area and Balayan will attest to the fact of their presence in the said site at least in the latter part of the 12th century down to the coming of Goiti and Legaspi in Batangas in 1570.  The flourishing trade relations between these early Batangueños with a number of Chinese merchants prior to the spanish conquest explained the presence of hundreds of  Chinese wares from potteries to stonewares and vases of Sung Dynasty period to the latter part of the 16th century, in the burial grounds at Calatagan sites of Pulung Bakaw, Kay Tomas, Pinagpatayan I and II at Butong, Taal Batangas The influence of the Chinese traders in Batangas is undeniable, although it is speculative whether the extent of the Chinese trade penetrated the inner region of Taal Lake via Pansipit River.  In any case inasmuch as the uncovered Chinese wares belonged to the same century of Batangas colonization, basic identities remained unaltered as they originated from a single empire of Sri-Vishaya, minor local ways must have evolve comparatively in the period of less than a century but the general characteristics must have been kept. By origin the early Lipeños were Buddhist in religion and Indian in civilization.  As such the heritage of the Lipeños was the ancient eastern civilization of India which was twenty times older than its counterpart in Mesopotamia and Nile of the Western World.  With its not infrequent contact with the Chinese traders, the Batangueños have absorbed and been influenced too by another giant and ancient civilization that of China herself.  And with Spanish colonization of the Philippines and the Salcedo conquest of Batangas in 1572, the Lipeños were forced to embrace the Western Civilization.  This is the reason why in Lipa, the east also meets the west. By characteristics, the early Lipeños like that of their fellow Borneans scattered all over the coasts of Batangas, were average in height range which approximates the present Filipino in rural areas.   Anthropologists classified them as dark, stocky with thick lips and large noses. Social isolation is characteristic of these early Lipeños, as they live in a separate tribal community.   In Batangas settlements, this isolation is proved by the fact of their burial...
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