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Chapter I

The study entitled Degree of Satisfaction of Customers regarding the Services being provided by Selected Restaurants in Virac, Catanduanes. This research tends to know the satisfaction of customers for the restaurant to improve more their services.

Trends which affects the restaurant business includes changes in: The greater number of individual who demands for delicious and well-prepared food; a greater number of people who are establishing a low calorie diet; and an increasing appreciation for attractive atmosphere, these trends in customers’ attitudes will surely be the basis for the changes in the restaurant business.

Important demographic trends, now firmly established’ include the rapid growth of population which will result in a lot more number of children, an average number of middle-aged and a less number of older people which will in turn, cause the fast food restaurant chains to discover and develop new menu items, and to adopt marketing strategies attracting customers. The change in the age pattern can also be expected to bring more customers to food services operation that cater more to young ages than the adults. This is also a tendency that small families can be expected to have more available budget to be spent in the restaurants as compared to big families.

Despite the achievements, the studies reported in this article suggest that the customer discontentment remains high: and buyer dissatisfaction is widespread considering the changes that have been made, and assuming that the survey results reflect current attitudes. The purpose here is to report the survey result and to discuss possible explanation for the continuing high level of customer dissatisfaction. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

This study attempted to determine the awareness of customer in different kinds of services provided by restaurant business in Virac, Catanduanes. The main problem is to know the profile of customers and the customer satisfaction towards the following categories: philosophy of restaurant, food quality, advertising and prices. The researcher intends to answer the following questions: 1. What are the profiles of customers in terms of:

a) Age
b) Gender
c) Occupation
2. What is the degree of satisfaction of customers?
3. Are there any significant relationship between the profile of the customer and their degree of satisfaction?

The researcher will study the awareness of customers in different kinds of services of selected restaurant business in Virac, Catanduanes.
This study focuses on the influence of the selected independent variable among the selected dependent variable.
The independent variable of the study was the profile of customers which includes age that refers to the number of years a person exists; gender which refers to the state of being a male or a female; and the occupation which refers to a paid position of employment. These variables might influence the degree of satisfaction of an individual because every person has a unique wants and needs which will probably the basis of their contentment or frustration.

The dependent variable of this study was the degree of satisfaction of customers which refers to the stage where the customer feels contented of what they want and what they need. This variable maybe influenced by the selected independent variable because the level of contentment of every individual will base on what age, gender and occupation they have.

Figure 1

Conceptual Paradigm

Independent VariableDependent Variable
Profile of the restaurant Degree of Satisfaction according Customers in the Municipality of to different aspects:
a. Philosophy of restaurant
a. Age b. Food...
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