These Shining Lives

Topics: Employment, At-will employment, Safety Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Americans are accustomed to a lifestyle of immediate gratification because of the advanced technology being discovered every day. These Shining Lives displays the extremes companies go to in order to maintain their reputations in society and among their competition. Through her play Melanie Marnich captures the false ignorance of the danger of radium when consumed by the women making the watches. In order for individuals to remain satisfied, dangerous jobs are necessary although safety should be a priority in any company and employees made completely aware of what their job entails.

The needs of society increase daily because of the discovery and invention of new technology and new demands of the population. Safety of employees should be the priority of employers when creating the jobs to be performed. While some jobs, such as oil drilling and coal mining are unpredictable, companies learn from past workers and new employees should be made fully aware of the dangers that exist. The needs of society must be met although there is no price on a human being’s life. Every measure should be taken to ensure the safety of a company’s employees and new precautions arranged if past ones fail or new problems are brought to the company’s attention. These Shining Lives exhibited hundreds of women losing their lives in order to manufacture watches with radium. Although the danger of swallowing radium was not known in the beginning, the company ignored Catherine and the other women’s complaints because they were replaceable to Mr. Reed. The safety of individuals takes priority over the needs of society, especially in a society such as today when people lose their lives performing jobs to allow the population to live extravagantly instead of using resources as a means to survive.

Potential employees may be assumed to know the dangers of the profession they have chosen to pursue, but it is still the duty of the company to inform their employees of the risks included...
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