These Elements Are the Basic Elements of Marketing Plan and Overall It Is Known as 4p's. (Marketing Mix, 2009) These 4 Ps Are the Parameters Through Which the Marketing Management Can Control Internal and External Constraints of the Target Marketing.

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$Marketing mix is a marketing tool that is uses by the organization to fulfill its target customers and achieve its organizational goals. Marketing tools are classified under these four encompassing categories. * product

* Price
* Place ( distribution)
* Promotion
These elements are the basic elements of marketing plan and overall it is known as 4P's. (marketing mix, 2009) These 4 Ps are the parameters through which the marketing management can control internal and external constraints of the target marketing. The objective is to target the customers in order to create perceived values, create positive response and outstanding marketing plan to compete with rivals. 4 Ps pertain more on physical product as compared to services. (marketing, 2010)

The term product here refers to the physical products as well as services rendered by the company to target customers. While concluding marketing strategy the product decision include following aspects: * Branding

* Quality
* Accessories
* After sales service
* Warranty
* Functionality(4-ps-of-marketing, 2009)

Samsung needs to create brand awareness in mobile market because it's mobile product portfolio is so large and fragmented therefore capturing the brand in consumers perspective is quite a challenge, on the contrary Apple has built its brand image in the customers point of view by delivering quality and making a cult following of its products. Although the Samsungs product quality is on par with Apple but Samsung should go I into mutual agreement with software companies like Microsoft and Google which will allow Samsung to deliver quality by having customized software solution specifically for their mobiles. In a similar fashion in which Nokia and Microsoft both collaborated to produce high quality smart phones. In term of functionality Samsung should focus on ego system of tightly integrated hardware and software systems. Unlike Apple which has...
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