These Are the Following Characteristics That Every Filipino Must Develop to Attain Progress in Our Country

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These are the following characteristics that every Filipino must develop to attain progress in our country:


➢ We must be aware of the things that are happening in our surroundings. Being aware makes us updated and alert so that in any events or unexpected situations, we Filipinos can take part and help in the best way that we can. We can achieve this just by having in ourselves this thing called “care”.


➢ Initiative can be developed by simply doing things we know we can do and we should do without being asked to. We must not wait for anyone to tell us or force us. We should learn to take the first step and after that, the rest will follow.


➢ Just by doing the things we can do for today and not setting it for tomorrow, we can be a time saver. Time is more important than gold so we must maximize the things we can do within our capacity as much as possible. Let’s not waste time because it’s something we can never get back no matter how hard we try.


➢ We must not let ourselves locked up and to the things and habits that makes us more lazy and useless. Little by little, we can develop productivity by making the most of what we can do. Let’s make every days of our lives worth living by doing something worth creating for ourselves, and for our community.


➢ Of course, all of these characteristics will not be achieved without having confidence first. The ability to truly believe in our own ability is already a sign of self development and progress. Always remember that God created us for a reason and as time goes by, we should step outside to find it. Confidence is just a little thing, but when it to grows with the help of our skills and self trust, I believe that we can make a difference.
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