Therories of Arousal as Related to Human Motivation

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Theories of arousal as they relate to human motivation
An arousal approaches to motivation is one that appears to be unlearned but causes an increase in stimulation, a stimulus motive a need for stimulation. Some people are said to have an ideal level of tension for task performance, if it is too high or event it is too low can cause problem for the test takers or people who are bored, for example if a student is having severe anxiety before taking a test, this can cause them to fell their exam. Then you have the person who gets bored easy so they go and look for things that are more enduring, for example a daring preschooler see a big table and decide to climb up an the big table and when you reply “how did you get up there?” their responds is laughing and clapping their hands. There is a relationship between task performance and arousal; it is called Yerkes-Dodson Law (teigen, 1994; Yerkes& Dodson, 1908). It prefers to the difficulty level of the task, easy task demand a high- moderate of arousal and a difficult task demand low level of arousal. To maintain these level of arousal, the person will need to find ways in reducing tension or creating away to make tension, for example a test takers anxiety was high before taking a test the next day in class, could study with a student who has score in that class, to maybe show them an easier way to understand the material. Theorists believe that the level of arousal for most people are in the middle, but you do have in some people that the level arousal is high, these are called sensation seekers, sensation seekers are the kind of people who needs to do something that will make them feel like they are on top of the world, and doing so they take high risky endowers in their life. For example like budgie jumping off a high cliff and them claiming that it gives them a rush that is so awesome that nothing can touch it, then you have those who that are race speed drivers who believe going 200 miles per hour...
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