Thermodynamics Lab Report

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  • Published : January 27, 2011
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Thermodynamics Laboratory Report

Greenwich University

By Mussie Gebre


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Operation (process) ------------------------page3

Result and discussion-----------------------page4

Experimental data and plot-------------page4&5

Conclusion -------------------------------------page6

Mussie Gebre
ID 000517715

Thermodynamics laboratory report

* Experiment on four different metals on their heat conductivity * To understand thermodynamics
* To illustrate the physical concept of thermodynamics and heat transfer * To develop effective communication of technical information * To develop the ability for teamwork.
* To investigate the effect of applied heat, its conductivity, resultant expansion and speed of wax dissolution along metal stripes: * To present the data in a suitable format for evaluation and analysis. Introduction

This experiment was conducted to determine the conductivity and expansion of the metals at different temperature. The four metals which have been used for this test are aluminium copper, brass, and iron. The four metals are placed on the circular wooden frame which is fixed opposite each other with the strips meeting at the centre. Once heat is applied on the centre of the circular wooden frame, the lengths of the metals start to expand and heat transfer through them to melt the wax. This experiment also shows heat transfer though media. Operation

Process 1
* Measure the length of the four metals which are (copper, alimonies, nickel, and iron) * Quantify the weight of wax which is taken at this experiment 0.1gm * Recorded the initial temperature of the four metals (copper, aluminium, nickel, and iron) Process 2

* Apply heat at the at the centre of the circle that all the metals...
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