Thermodynamics Lab

Topics: Heat, Temperature, Heat transfer Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Mark powers
Period 2
C physics
March 17
Thermodynamics lab
I. The purpose of this experiment is to keep a certain amount of water as hot as possible for as long as possible. We also get to use whatever materials we want as long as our product is or is smaller than 20cm. II. For my project I used Styrofoam, tinfoil, insulation, silicone, and a cork. I used the Styrofoam as a box to put the can in and the Styrofoam also acts as a thermal insulation. I used the tin foil because it serves as an insulator and keeps the radiant heat inside the box. Next I used insulation, which does what its name is, it keeps whatever inside of it insulated or prevents convection. I used silicone to block off the holes from the Styrofoam to make a good box for the heat to stay in. finally I used a cork on the top of my can to have the smallest hole for the heat to escape it. III. For this experiment I used Styrofoam, tinfoil, insulation, silicone, and a cork. I also need a thermometer to measure the change in temperature of the water during the course of the experiment. IV. First I cut out Styrofoam to the appropriate lengths and made sure it wasn’t over the 20 cm limit. I then covered the Styrofoam with tin foil and sealed off all the cracks on the inside with silicone. After that I put insulation on the whole inside of the box with enough room to put the can in on the inside. I finally added a cork on the top of the can to make the smallest opening so that the heat had little room to escape to conclude my project. Time| Temperature (C°)|

0 minutes| |
20 minutes| |
V. Data

VI. 1. I think the most important type of the 3 types of energy transfer that we had to minimize was convection because...
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