Thermal Runaway Reacion

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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|Run Away Reactions - Some facts | |Introduction | | | |In the chemical process industry, raw materials are converted into commercial products. Exothermic chemical reactions can | |lead to a thermal runaway if the heat generation rate exceeds the heat removal rate. The runaway itself is characterised by | |an exponential increase in the rate of heat generation, temperature and pressure. Pressure build-up during the runaway is | |caused by an increasing vapour pressure of liquid components and by the production of non-condensable gases. Apart from the | |loss of reactor inventory due to an uncontrolled conversion process, a runaway reaction may lead to severely damaged | |equipment or even a physical explosion if pressure build-up inside the reactor exceeds the design pressure. | | | | | |Causes of runaway reactions | | | |Although the possible occurrence of a runaway reaction during a cooling problem like choking of condenser used for cooling, | |failure of cooling water due to electrical or mechanical failure of pumps, inadequate cooling water pressure or high cooling | |water temperature is widely recognised, runaway reactions can also prevail...
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