Thermal Physics Ib Dp Lab

Topics: Heat, Thermodynamics, Specific heat capacity Pages: 4 (1060 words) Published: December 17, 2012
DP Physics IA Thermal physics: Specific Heat Capacity of Metals

In this experiment we are going to measure the specific heat capacity of a unknown metal. To measure the specific heat capacity we will heat up the metal to certain temperature and release the metal in beaker filled with water. By knowing the mass and temperature of water filled in beaker, we will be able to calculate the specific capacity of unknown metal by change in temperature of beaker willed with water.

I guess that in this experiment we will get specific heat capacity little bit lower that the actual specific heat capacity of the metal. This is because there will be a lot of energy loss during the experiment. For example there will be energy loss between taking the metal out of heater and placing it inside the water, and energy transfer to beaker while the temperature is rising.


Independent variable: specific heat capacity of unknown metal Dependent variable: temperature rise of water
Controlled variables: law of physics

1, place the unknown metal into the beaker of water.
2, heat the metal and beaker of water with Bunsen burner. (do not let the metal touch the glass) 3, take out the metal when it is heated enough.
4, place it in another beaker filled with water which was kept at constant temperature. 5, measure temperature of water filled in beaker after few minutes 6, repeat 1~5 4 times

DATA TABLE 1: Collected data needed for calculation
| Trial 1| Trial 2| Trial 3| Trial 4|
Temp. of the water in the calorimeter (℃)±0.5| 24.0| 24.0| 24.0| 26.0| Mass of the water in the calorimeter(g) ±0.05| 92.41| 91.40| 92.26| 92.62| Mass of the metal (g) ±0.05| 99.85| 100.06| 99.85| 100.06| Initial temp. of the heated metal in beaker (℃) ±0.5| 97.0| 97.8| 95.8| 96.0| Final temp. of the metal and water(℃) ±0.5| 32.0| 26.0| 29.0| 28.0| Change in temp. of the water (℃)| 8.0...
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