There Will Come Soft Rains

Topics: Plum, Water, Life Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: April 27, 2013
At first glance at the title "There will come Soft Rains," one may come to the assumption the poem will be about the hardships in life due to the fact rain is often a symbol for sadness and despair.

Rain is often a symbol of sadness, but with the context of the poem it is understood to mean a new begining and the nourishment of life. "Swallows circling" is not an unusual sight. Due to this, the line can be taken that the swallows have continued on with their routine without an interuption. Swallow are used to represent a sign of purity and peace, with a sence of happiness heard through their voice. Presenting the aspect of metamorphosis and change, frogs are a symbol of new life. The poet could have chosen any tree, but the plum tree represents strength. Plum trees blossom at the first sign of spring, peaking over the cold, harsh snow and reminding people that things will get better, and also reminding us about the vitality of life. A robin could be a symbol of the spring to come, beginning to find food and create nest at the start of the spring. They are another symbol for the new coming, reminding people of all the hardships we’ve already been through are over and to not give up. A fence-wire is something man made which shows that nature doesn’t see it as something to keep things in and out. It is just another obstacle. The poet is referring to any animals and nature in general. They don’t notice our problems and hardships, and none of them know about the war we are having with each other or even ourselves. In the end when it’s all over and our problems are gone, nature and animals still won’t care, they don’t depend on us, if anything, we depend on them.

Turning back to the title, the reader can understand that the soft rains don't mean a sadness, but a time of peace and a new begining. The reasoning of such beauty is due to the perish of mankind. such gentleness humanity mustn't exist. People are the chaos and the disruption of the world. The...
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