There Will Always Be Wars

Topics: Peace, War, Christianity Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: March 3, 2013
“There will always be wars”
Some people would agree with the statement because people will always have a difference of opinion. One person will always believe he or she is right in what they think, there will always be that one person who doesn’t want to just believe that he or she could be wrong, it’s basic human nature to fight over things such as; race, religion, land and wealth etc. As long as that continues in the world there will always be wars. For example “The conflict in Northern Ireland. “The troubles” the Republicans are Catholics who want to become an independent country. The Loyalists are Protestants who want to be part of the United Kingdom. In order to keep peace between them there is a peace wall, but I don’t think the peace wall keeps a lot of peace between them because of the negative feelings and violence associated with it.” There are not many quotes that support violence in neither the Bible nor any other religious scriptures unless you are being oppressed then it is a whole different matter. A non-violent approach comes directly out of Jesus' teaching, but Jesus did use violence himself, and his disciples carried swords Other people would disagree with the statement because of many reasons, one of the main reason is Pacifism. Pacifism is a commitment to solve problems without the use of violence; in particular it is the belief that war is always wrong. Some people are pacifist because they believe that it is, in principle, wrong to use violence. Other people are pacifist because they believe the damage done by war will be worse than any good it does, and this applies to the Northern Ireland peace wall, that the damage and ill feelings it is causing is worse than the actual good coming out of it. If people in Northern Ireland understood that then things would change. Many of Jesus’ teachings honour this behaviour. For example “When Jesus was arrested he would not let his disciples use violence to prevent his arrest” so therefore Christians...
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