There Is No Wrath Worse Than That of a Womans Scorn.........Medea

Topics: Love, Woman, Kill Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: December 29, 2008
“There is no wrath worse than that of a woman’s scorn”

Women are very interesting. They are beautiful, tender, elegant but be careful. Every good thing has a price to pay. All that glitters is not gold. It is hard for one to think of a young fine good looking lady to be having one of the ugliest sides. Just provoke them! Women can cross extremes and it is true ask any of your close female friends and see what they tell you; this is mainly in matters concerning love. They can do anything for the person they love jealousy is a common character of women no doubt on that. If this jealousy is not controlled, it can turn out into a disaster. Women can easily begin doubting and interestingly are strong at heart though not so strong from the outside. Moodiness can well describe a woman. Betrayal is the simplest way of unleashing evils out of once the elegant tender woman. Take a look at Medea in the play Medea; killing her children, Creon and his daughter. Hatred is another factor in women as well as love and care.

Jealousy should not be brought in women it leads to the unexpected. If you love a woman and she gets jealous with one of her female companions, the out come will not be good. She will change her behavior towards you, talk about you and your friend. This is amazing though. We get to know how women are. These are some of the key factors that help us to know how terrible the wrath of a woman’s scorn is. Medea is a happy lady whose life changes when Jason comes in and she falls in love with him. She expects him to be her life and she to be his life but this is not so. She thinks this to be so since she feels an affectionate attachment towards him. She commits one of the horrible of sins in that she kills her own brother. As far as I know, a woman cherishes her brother so much whether he is older than her or younger than her. Always when a woman falls in love she will see if her brother can accept the man. This is...
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