There Is No Smoke Without Fire

Topics: Torture, Suffering, Marriage Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: February 2, 2013
"25 year old software engineer found brutally murdered and castrated outside Palika Bazaar.” A teacup dropped. Meira Kapoor, a 22 year jovial, gentle and pretty nurse stood aghast on reading the headline. How could anyone be so heartless and cruel to act in such an inhumane manner? How could anyone not respect the gift of life? The bell rang. Her father stood in front of her with his new wife and their 5 year old daughter. Meira had a flashback; remembering the time when she was young, when her father would play with her all day long and when they both would lovingly sleep together at night. She instantly remembered that that ‘loving sleep’ was torture. She remembered the times when her father had assaulted her all through the night, hit her, whipped her, abused her, scarring her within. Her blood boiled. All the repressed memories came pounding back. She couldn’t bear to see that little girl suffer the same fate dealt to her by the man she was ashamed to call her father. She tried to keep her calm but failed. She changed in spirit, And in an instant she transformed completely, from the docile Meira who had lived with the tortures all her life, to the feisty cold Myra, a cruel, inhumane 22 year old killer with a heart of stone. Her father’s loving nature during the day made her a nice, sweet and loving person- Meira, but his monstrous self, created a psychopath-Myra, who took pleasure in castrating and murdering all men who reminded of her chauvinistic father. The animal was back. Myra walked up to the kitchen. Her father stood horror-struck. The next thing Meira knew, her father lay there, lifeless in a pool of blood. She shrieked.
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