There Is No Hope of Doing Perfect Research

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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There is No Hope of Doing Perfect Research
Plainly put, the word research simply means searching again. In a bid to explain further, research can be defined as a systematic and organized study with the aim of generating new facts. On the other hand, the word perfect is an adjective used to point out a complete state and without flaw. With this understanding, we can therefore define ‘perfect research’ as one that achieves positive results upon conclusion leading to no further study. In this regard, I totally concur with Griffiths (1998, pg97) statement that ‘there is no hope of doing a perfect research’. This statement is correct in the context of Clinical Research (Shah, 24). Human needs keep on changing constantly with time. Therefore, this calls for the need to keep on researching to find out new ways to satisfy these needs. This means that what we already have is not enough and therefore "if perfect research(s) did really exist then there would be no need for further improvement. For example, the first computer to be invented was the developed by J.H. Muller in 1786. If at all this contented people, then there would be no need for Charles Babbage to develop a more sophisticated computer ‘the difference engine’ that could use the decimal numbers system. This could later be developed to what we have today as the modern computer. There are two types of research namely basic and scientific research. Basic research is not directly related to a need but to assist in the development of knowledge stimulating the thinking capacity of human beings. Basic research forms the basis for scientific research (Mehra, 20). Contrary, scientific research is based on the need to find a solution to an impending problem. Either inductive or deductive, errors during research processes are inevitable, an indication that there will never be perfect research as long as human logic and thinking will continue to make these errors during experimentation processes. Furthermore, a perfect...
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