There Is No Freedom Without Discipline

Topics: Ballet, Glossary of ballet, Person Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: October 19, 2010
“There is no freedom without discipline.”

“There is no freedom without discipline.” Many people disagree with this statement and tend to identify it as something bad. They identify with it as a restriction or absence of freedom. But in reality, this quote encompasses the meaning that discipline defined by rules in society allows individuals to have freedom within their lives. Humans are free to do what they desire. Those who have freedom are also responsible. However, if individuals do not understand discipline nor follow it or establish any self-discipline, they may decide not to act accordingly to any rules present and break them. They will develop an intense and selfish desire for power, do whatever they can to cheat others off just for their own selfish needs, casting them aside, ruining the freedom of others, and even risking their safety. This is why freedom does not exist without discipline. Discipline is essential to living a free, protected, and safe life.

According to, discipline is “training to act in accordance with rules” ( An example of the absence of discipline can occur in the setting of a sports game, a ballet class, or all types of scenarios. Without discipline, a sports game will have no rules. Any of the players may choose to take advantage of the absence of rules, and can decided to cheat in order to win and ruin the fun for others who were looking forward to having fun and enjoying the game; other who do were taught discipline. Instead of having fun, they will eventually become frustrated and filled with anger which then will cause arguments to arise. Another example includes someone who is wanting to dance ballet, but refuses to do a proper pirouette or leap. He or she chooses to do what they please; they will not learn how to properly and skillfully use ballet techniques, and thus not see and value the beauty of dancing ballet. Without discipline such as laws, someone acting out on anger can hurt...
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