There Is No Best Way to Manage People

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  • Published : May 25, 2012
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All individuals are unique along several dimensions: physical and skeletal size and appearance, ethnicity, language, culture, education, intellect, social acumen, and personality. Others can identify additional relevant characteristics that differentiate individuals. So, there is no one way to effectively manage a group of individuals with their differing parameters using a single model. The other side of he coin is as members of a group (together for a purpose in which the manager or coach, is viewed ad 'the leader') all members know there are tasks to be accomplished requiring all to adhere to the 'rules of the game' to reach the goals They look to the manager/coach to provide that cohesiveness, even though each member may have a special talent they are expected to perform, but only within its contribution to the overall goal of the group. You might call it teamwork. Even though group members are 'different' they are in the group (most often) because they can contribute something (abilities, resources, personalities, experiences, etc) that can help the group reach its goal(s). This, of course, requires an understanding and goal driven manager - one that can impart that attainment of the goal is a win-win-win situation for all. Some groups are very tight knit because of their task (the most obvious example is a football team) requiring much appreciation of everyone's necessary contribution/collaboration and a leader that can use this 'tightness' to the team's advantage. Some groups are very loose, such a a team of scientists in a laboratory working on a single project but each with their own methodology, often with little interaction with their members during the process. They meet periodically, say once a day at lunch, to discuss, openly, and not always uncritically, what each are doing - their successes and failures - all being supervised by a manager whose major task is to keep the creative intellect active and the goal uppermost in their efforts. Synergy...
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