There Are a Few Factors for the Purpose of Having a Crime-Reporting Program, Other Than Just Collecting Crime Statistics. One of the Many Reasons Why Crime-Reporting Is so Important Is Because They Can Determine If Any

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There are a few factors for the purpose of having a crime-reporting program, other than just collecting crime statistics. One of the many reasons why crime-reporting is so important is because they can determine if any new programs, or new laws, or new techniques that were implemented are working to detect and / or to detour criminal activities. The benefits of a crime-reporting system is that it can help pin point what areas have them most types of crimes, to help develop and implement new ideas to help arrest the people commenting these crimes. Any type of reporting is going to have its flaws with how and what is going to be reported and just have to rely on training to help officers now what types of crimes should be reported and how to write the report to be effective on showing what is needing to help explain what is reported. This effectiveness of a system working properly all depends on police educating people about types of crimes and having the man power for enforcing the laws that help to reduce other crimes. If teaching children about not letting people touch them in the wrong way, or getting victims of crimes to report them after something happens, and having a way for people to report reckless driving, or drunk driving, or people texting an driving are always that can help improve reporting of crimes and which helps to make for a successful crime-reporting system when you get citizens involved.
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