There Are Many Reasons That English Become an International Language

Topics: English language, British Empire, French language Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: April 5, 2013
There are many reasons that English become an international language. Firstly, I think we must look back to the history.When the British empire occupied the colony. People of these colonies must use English for daily communication exchange. Up to the present, Many countries in the world use English as a first language such as: the United States, England, Australia,...And, In some other countries, English is used as the second language like Singapore, Malaysia, Phillipines. Secondly, English is simple to learn. English is very clear on the use of the verb. For Example: there are three forms of the verb: have; had, had. English is different from Vietnamese or Chinese. English is wrtitten in Latin alphabet. Chinese is written in kanji. Nowadays, Chinese is becoming more and more important. But it is difficult to learn Chinese so it can not be an international language. It is just national language. As a common language and is used by 3/4 of the world population.We need to learn English in order to expand our knowledge. For example: In Education, if you want to study or learn more about your branch, your field. You'll need to look up some books, some documents in english. If you want to travel or study abroad to any country. You have to speak and communicate by English. You want to know the culture of a certain country, you have to read the literature or the culture guides of that country. Most of products which exported from other countries is printed by English. In addition, English also contributes to improving communication - communicate through art. You will feel the cultural world in a very different way. For example, you see and understand the American and British movies; once tried to see the original, you will never want to go back to the English dub. Similarly, you will be reading the great book, by all known works were written in English or translated into English, from classic plays like Hamlet to modern horror as Jurassic Park. There are many different...
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