There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom

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  • Published : October 11, 2011
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There’s A Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom
Louis Sachar (1988)

Prepared and Submitted by:
Gomez, John Bradley A.
Submitted to :
Ms. Sherry Rose T. Luya
EDUC37 Instructress
There’s A Girl in the Girl’s Bathroom
Louis Sachar

Spent many years in the fourth grade, and now having a hard time to move on from Grade 5, Bradley Chalkers is not just an ordinary elementary student. He is the oldest in their section. He was always teased as a monster by his fellow classmates since he is an outcast. He was used to sit at the last seat in the last row. He tells enormous lies. He picks fights with the girls and the teachers say that he has serious behavior problems.

No one ever dared to sit beside him, nor get near to his seat. Everyone was scared of him because of his very weird attitude. Then, Jeff Fishkin entered. He was a transferee from the capital of United States of America, the Washington D.C. he didn’t mind sitting beside Bradley. Maybe, he just doesn’t know who this big boy is, so he tried to be friends with Bradley.

But it didn’t quite happened though. Chalkers don’t like having a friend. His only friends are his toys. After going to school, he always goes straight to this room to play with his little animal toy creatures. He has this brass lion that he found in the garbage can, an ivory donkey from Mexico, two owls that were once used as salt and pepper shakers, a glass unicorn with a broken horn and many others. It was his collection. He enjoyed playing with them and he relieves his school stress through playing with these animals.

He was a big liar. He always tells lies to be safe from the scolding of his parents. His mother just doesn’t know what to do with his son. Bradley lied that he’s a very good student in their class, he receives many gold stars from his teachers and got some high grades from their exams. One day, Bradley’s mother was called by the teacher of Bradley, Mrs. Ebbel. The teacher said everything about Bradley’s behavior problem. Mrs. Ebbel suggested also that Bradley should have to see the guidance once a week. Mrs. Chalkers agreed and also promised to do her best to help the guidance counselor.

Since he was a transferee, Jeff was also asked to meet the guidance counselor once a week for some counseling of being a new student. On his way to the guidance office for the first time, he was lost. He was so scared because the building was very big. Jeff decided to ask a teacher walking in the aisle. The teacher gave some directions, but he didn’t understand though. Thought that he was on the right room, he suddenly opened the door and was shocked to see that it was the girl’s comfort room. The girl inside the comfort screamed in shock, as so he was so he went fast to the other room, the guidance counselor. There she met the new guidance counselor, MS. Carla Davis. They chatted and Jeff loves it. He also confessed about what happened on his way to the office. They even talked about Bradley Chalkers and Jeff told everything about that boy. But, Ms. Davis, instead of being scared to the words said against Bradley, she became more interested to him.

When they first met, she already knew that Bradley has some unique characteristics that are hidden, he was something special, it’s just that Bradley didn’t believe in his abilities and also scared of trying. He always says that as long as Bradley Chalkers was his name, he’ll never get a gold star.

Bradley don’t want Jeff to have other friend instead of him so he was very angry everytime Jeff says “Hi!” to the girls. He wants to punch them.
Coleen Verigold, she was the girl inside the girl’s bathroom when Jeff accidentally entered. She consulted the guidance counselor to ask for help on her birthday, who to invite. Ms. Davis, knew that Coleen had a crush on Jeff.

Bradley Chalkers wanted to punch the girls because he was envious of Jeff. Jeff had so many friends in that short time while he hadn’t any. One time, they waited...
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