Therapeutic Recreation

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Therapeutic Recreation: The Basics

If your like I was about a year ago, you really are not sure what exactly Therapeutic Recreation is. You have heard the name and maybe pretended like you knew, but really you just did not want to sound ignorant. Well no worries anymore after you read this paper. I am going to tell you everything and anything there is to know about Therapeutic Recreation. So just sit tight, keep reading, and soon you will be able to talk like you are a Therapeutic Specialist.

Before you learn about what therapeutic recreation is you need to get a better understanding of the definition of these words. Therapeutic refers to healing, such as a medicine or therapy that has healing or curative capability for treatment of disease or disability. It is used for both physical health and mental health, ranging from a drug or substance that is used to cure a disease to an attitude or activity that supports the healing of one's mental or emotional health. Recreation is an emotional condition within an individual human being that flows from a feeling of well-being and self-satisfaction. It is characterized by feelings of mastery, achievement, exhilaration, acceptance, success, personal worth, and pleasure. It reinforces a positive self-image. Recreation is a response to aesthetic experience, achievement of personal goals, or positive feedback from others. It is independent of activity, leisure, or social acceptance. So, when you put the two of those words together the National therapeutic Recreation Society defines therapeutic recreation as "Practiced in clinical, residential, and community settings, the profession of Therapeutic Recreation uses treatment, education, and recreation services to help people with illnesses, disabilities, and other conditions to develop and use their leisure in ways that enhance their health, independence, and well-being."

The most commonly asked question: What is Therapeutic Recreation? Well, basically therapeutic recreation is using recreation services and leisure experiences to help people with limitations make the most of their lives in a physical, mental, and social way. It can range anywhere from therapy, intervention, recreation participation, and leisure education. It is also used as a preventative measure for maintaining health and wellness in order to avoid developing disabling conditions. Therapeutic recreation services are often provided by certified Recreational Therapist. These Recreational Therapist often have an emphasis on three major areas, which are leisure, education, and participation. Treatment is provided to rehabilitate impaired functioning from an acquired or congenital disability in order to maintain the highest quality of life and highest level of functioning for the client. Therapeutic recreation is important because it can help people of all ages and backgrounds. It can help them get well, live well, and stay well. Therapeutic Recreation helps people to help themselves, so they can enjoy life more each and every day. Therapeutic Recreation helps more than just disabled, mental ill, and elderly patients. It can also help people who are dependant on alcohol or other drugs. Addiction treatment programs are very intense and often overwhelming for the client who is trying to gain insight into themselves and their behaviors while experiencing withdrawal symptoms. This process often consumes clients physically, emotionally and cognitively, leaving them with an overwhelming amount of information to digest and practice. The recreation therapist's role is to create a balance in their program to increase the overall effectiveness of treatment. There are a number of issues regarding a client's leisure lifestyle that must be addressed during treatment. One of the first things the therapist needs to address is the client's perception of leisure. What are the core values and beliefs regarding leisure? Did the family of origin value leisure?...
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