Therapeutic Intervention

Topics: Goal, Posttraumatic stress disorder, Learning Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: March 19, 2012
Therapeutic Intervention
1. In your opinion, what are the appropriate short-term goals for this intervention? The appropriate short-term goals for this intervention are designed for the client to help reduce fear. The client should join a support group with other individuals that suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The support group should be conducted by a licensed professional. The Client should be able to identify when the fear is taking over his life. The client should also make a list of items that appear to have a positive and negative effect on dealing with the fear. Along with the list of positive and negatives, the client should make a list of items that stimulate the fear. Leaning different interests and creating hobbies could redirect the client from thinking about the fear. 2. In your opinion, what are the appropriate long-term goals for this intervention? * The appropriate long-term goals for this intervention would be for the client to overcome all fears. By joining the support group the client could learn what past events lead to the learned fear and how to better redirect the subconscious to overcome the fear. By identifying when the fear is going to overtake the client’s life, the long-term goal would be to learn how to cope with the fear and live a normal life. By designing and creating a list of positive and negative effects to deal with the fear both the client and professional can create a treatment plan that best interacts with overcoming the fear. The long-term goal of the treatment plan would be to minimize or even eliminate the fear all together. Creating the hobby could allow the client to find different ways to overcome the fear when the fear becomes present.
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