Theory of Supervision

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When I think about my personal theory of supervision and evaluation, several key theories and theorists run through my mind. As an administrator, I will incorporate several different aspects and themes of theories that I have learned about. I do not think that you can be an effective leader using just one theoretical perspective. Every school, student, faculty and staff member has different needs, and it is my duty to assist in fulfilling those needs. That means that I will have to make several adjustments to my leadership style as I learn more about my schools population and issues. It is imperative that I support ISLLC standards. Effective school leaders are strong educators, anchoring their work on central issues of learning and teaching and school improvement. They are moral agents and social advocates for the children and the communities they serve. They make strong connections with other people, valuing and caring for others as individuals and as members of the educational community (Council of Chief State School Officers, 2002). The key concepts to my approach would include aspects from Warren Bennis, Howard Gardner, David Kolb, Peter Senge and Michael Fullan. I chose these five theorists because they focus on effective leadership, change, learning and most importantly the success of all students. Warren Bennis developed four competencies of great leaders. Those competencies include the management of attention, meaning, trust and self. In order to truly be an effective leader you must be able to hold people’s attention, help them to understand your vision, earn their trust and be confident in yourself. If you are unable to master those four things, I believe that you will be ineffective as an administrator. One of the themes that I found most effective was we need to “know ourselves.”  Bennis (2003), states that knowing thyself means separating who you are and who you want to be from...
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