Theory of Resilience

Topics: Nursing, Nurse, Coping Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: November 13, 2010
Nursing Can be a very demanding, therefore very stressfull (Chang et al. 2006). In the care of patient with HIV/AIDS, we can easily understand that the challenges the nurses face are even more intense , due to the nature of the disease. Nurses are caring for patients facing death and coping with family grief. Many litterature extensively discussed the resilience in childhood, adolescence , family crisis and in adulut patients with chronical conditions (Ruth E. Davis, 2002, M. A. Pickering , Jon H., B. Holliday, G.Ulmer , 2010, A. Hartmann, A. Bonnaud-Antignac, A. Cercle, G. Dabouis, F. Dravet, Garmezy, Masten, and Tellegen, 1984). Resilience is an important attribute of an individual facing stressors. Dorothy Jonson theory of stress defines it as a “internal or external stimuli that produce tension and result in a degree of instability are called stressors (Johnson, 1961, p. 13). The stressors are constantely present forcing the nurse to adjust and cope to address those challenges when caring for patients in particular HIV/AIDS patients and facing the organazational environment . According to Jackson et al. 2001, Cline et al. 2003, Strachota, et al. 2003, the difficulty in nursing prfession includes “ widespread shortage of experienced nurses, an ageing workforce, increase use of casual staffin the nursing workforce, bullying, abuse and violence, issues around professional autonomy, imposed organizational change, occupational health and safety issues and constant restructuring.

Relating theory to practice:
In order to apply a concept into clinical nursing practice, advance nurses ( APN) need to identify theories that reinforce the specific concept. In the context of resilience . The chosen theorists that have described the concept are the following: Van Sell, D. Johnson, R. Lazarus. Van Sell states, “ the nursing profession is the throes of revolutionary change a time when nursing leaders are frantically preoccupied with change itself....
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