Theory of Physical Attractiveness

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Speech to Explain Outline
Topic: Attraction
Specific Purpose: To explain to the class why we may become attracted to someone and what happens in our body when we are. Thesis: There are certain theories as to why we become attracted to someone. When we are attracted to someone, our brains release specific chemicals, and we subconsciously let the person know we are attracted through body language. Introduction: Your heart starts to race. You fix both your hair and your shirt. Your pupils dilate and your brain releases dopamine and adrenaline. What’s going on with you? You have a crush on someone and this is your body’s response to seeing and being around that person. I’m positive that we all know what this feels like. Since spring is upon us, leading to warmer weather and more exposed skin, I’m going to discuss a topic that we’re all familiar with around this time of the year: attraction. More specifically, I’m going to explain 1) theories as to why we become attracted to a certain person 2) what happens in our brains when we develop an attraction to someone, and 3) the physical signs of attraction. Trans: Let me start off by saying that attraction is defined as “the action or power of evoking interest, pleasure, or liking for someone or something”. That being said, let’s go over how it all starts: the reasons why we may become attracted to someone. * Most physical attraction starts with superficial qualities. * According to British scientist Charles Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory, men and women look for partners who exhibit fertility and health through their physical features so they can procreate. * Men are more attracted to a woman with an hour glass figure * This is body type is a sign of sexual maturity because when girls go through puberty, they get fat deposits in their breasts, hips and butt. This creates a smaller looking waist, creating the hour glass figure. * Represents a high reproductive potential....
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