Theory of Pesonality

Topics: Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Personality psychology Pages: 3 (573 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Personality Project – PSY 300 Distance Learning

Using APA style, type a 750-1200 word essay that incorporates the questions and parameters listed below. In addition to the textbook, summarize at least 2 other Wilmington online library sources (from peer reviewed journals).

Throughout the course you will be exposed to many theories of personality. There is no doubt that you will find that you identify with particular aspects of each theory. This is your opportunity to write down the characteristics of each theory encountered that you relate to based on your own personality. Do you see yourself described in some of these theories? How would each theory ultimately describe your personality?

In your paper be sure to discuss the major theories from the first 5 weeks. These theories include: Chapter 2: Classical Psychoanalysis (Freud)
Chapter 3: Analytical Psychology (Jung)
Chapter 4: Individual Psychology (Adler)
Chapter 5: Psychosocial Development (Erikson)
Chapter 6: Interpersonal Psychoanalytic Theory (Horney)
Chapter 7: Personological Trait Theory (Allport)
Chapter 8: Factor Analytic Trait Theories (Cattell)
Chapter 10: Behaviorism (Skinner and Staats)
Chapter 11: Psychoanalytic Learning Theory (Dollard and Miller)

Plan to incorporate at least 4 of the following critical thinking questions into your paper. These questions are taken from the textbook “Thinking about…” sections in the back of each chapter.

Chapter 2: 1 – Have you observed behavior that fits Freud’s description of unconscious motivation? Describe it. Could the behavior be explained in any other way, without referring to unconscious motivation?

Chapter 3: 6 – Does the concept of psychological types help you understand yourself or anyone you know? Does it have implications for your career plans?

Chapter 4: 5 – Do you have a first memory or an early memory that can be interpreted from the perspective of Adler’s theory?

Chapter 5: 2 – Do you think your culture fails to...
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