Theory of Personality

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  • Published : March 27, 2008
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Theory of Personality

November 21, 2007

Christopher E. Sager

Personality Theory PPE 3003-0002

Many studies have shown that the personality of people is drawn from genetics but I believe that people’s personalities are developed from people’s life influences. Influences in people’s lives can affect those them in ways that may change their personality. People’s personalities are developed over time and as those people live their life they may encounter situations that affect their personality which can change who they have been and will become. Though people’s personalities are challenged everyday, their personality will in fact change over time but how they react to every situation will remain the same. As I have observed certain people over time in the way their personality changes, I have come to the conclusion that an important factor in people’s personalities are influences from their family, the people who surround them, and their culture. Those influences are very strong; therefore, I believe that if people who have a gentle personality then they will remain gentle through any situation. Aspects of Gentleness

People who have a gentle personality will have quality traits of love, compassion, and care. Those three qualities are my set of related assumptions because I believe that people who are gentle should have those qualities. These three qualities are derived from the influences that surround people’s lives. First, as people grow up are constantly influenced by their family and in that influence they develop the personality trait of love. People are first shown love by their family members and they are taught that that love is important. As they become older they carry that trait on with them and it does not change because they know that love can make their life and other people’s lives better. Second, people are influenced on a daily basis by others and the more they encounter other people the more they develop a personality...
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