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Computer-based training (CBT) is any course of instruction whose primary means of delivery is a computer. A CBT course (sometimes called courseware) may be delivered via a software product installed on a single computer, through a corporate or educational intranet, or over the Internet as Web-based training. CBT can be used to teach almost any conceivable subject, but it is especially popular for computer-related studies. Computer-Based Training (CBT) is an interactive method of learning that provides a series of self-paced, hands-on, web-based courses. CBT offers technology, managerial, and supervisory curricula. Technology curricula contain courses for IT beginners and IT professionals. Technology courses include Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook etc.), Macromedia, Adobe, Security, Internet (Internet basics, How to create a Web page, etc.), and more advanced topics such as JavaScript, C, C++, LINUX, Servers, and open systems. Managerial and Supervisory curricula contain courses for Business Skills, Human Resource, and Workplace Compliance. Some of these courses include Communication, Diversity, Leadership, and Team Building. Computer training is an important factor in 21st century workplaces. The importance of computer training can be viewed in two ways. First, it is vital for job applicants to obtain computer training to make themselves more valuable to potential employers and to obtain higher-paying jobs. Second, it is important for companies to utilize computer training in their new-hire training programs and employee development initiatives.

PROGRAMMED INSTRUCTION - Programmed instruction is a type of self-paced learning. This means that the trainee can move forward or linger on a topic as quickly or slowly as she needs in order to learn the material. The trainer (or learner) must complete various activities along the way that will document whether he has learned the material. For example, the learner takes a quiz, posts information to a discussion board, interacts with other learners, etc. The trainee is lead systematically through new information in a way that facilitates the most efficient learning.

INTELLIGENT TUTORING SYSTEMS - This is fairly similar to programmed instruction, but it is much better! In this case, the software is very smart, and “learns” about the trainee as he moves through the training. The software begins to recognize the types of mistakes a trainee makes, and automatically determines why each mistake is made. Then the software creates a customized learning strategy to help him overcome his problem. The software actually changes the way the training is delivered to the trainee to help him learn. In addition to generating instruction that matches the trainee’s individual needs and communicating and responding to the trainee’s questions, an intelligent tutoring system actually learns from the trainee’s responses what approach to take in teaching the trainee.

INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA TRAINING - Interactive Multimedia (IM) training incorporates text, video, graphics, photos, animation, and sound into the training. In some respects, it is similar to simulations as it attempts to recreate actual situation similar to on-the-job tasks. This type of training is becoming more popular as technology has become easier to customize to this kind of application. It provides stimulus to more of the human’s five senses, thus creating a better learning environment than our plain ol’ Webcourses.

VIRTUAL REALITY - Military was probably the first industry to invest in developing the technology. It was less expensive to train a pilot to fly a billion dollar airplane in a virtual reality simulator. In the UCF Research Park, companies that are involved in developing such software for a multitude of uses:- * NASA-train astronaut to mars

* Florida Hospital- Using Computer-based Simulation for Pediatric Pain Management Education. There...
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