Theory of Knowledge Journal

Topics: Color, Ontology, Truth Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: May 15, 2013
DUE: 3-5-2013
Theory Of Knowledge Journal #1

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The quote, “We accept the reality of the world in which we are presented” can really relate to how people view the state of reality in which they live. It can make them rethink the world in which they live and rethink there entire sense of reality. I do believe this is true in many different ways.

People do tend to believe in the reality of the world on which they are presented for many different reasons. For example, in Plato’s allegory of the cave, the people only live in shadows. However, if they were born in shadows and only knew darkness, there is no possible way they could understand the concept of light. They subconsciously accepted their reality as true even though it wasn’t, because that is the only reality in which they knew to be true. They had never before been introduced to light, therefore, how could they even begin to fathom the idea of the absence of darkness. Take a blind person for example. Someone who was born blind has never seen anything. There reality is total darkness. Even though light exists, and they can know it exists, they will never fully understand the concept of light because they are unable to comprehend the idea of it.

However, you can take the same example of the blind person. If a person was not born blind, that means they do know light and are able to fully grasp the concept of light. The person’s reality is darkness and black. They are unable to see anything else, just like a person who was born blind. The only difference is that they know light and are able to conceive every bit of it. There reality is still darkness. This provides the argument that our reality isn’t always definite. We may be able to have two or even more than two realities. For example, a person who was born with normal vision, who then goes blind isn’t able to see the color red, or any other color for that matter. But, if that person got their sight back, but also became...
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