Theory of Knowledge Does the Internet Contain Reliable Information?

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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(1) I think that the Internet does not contain reliable information. (2) The Internet, a technological breakthrough in the twenty-first century, contains many invaluable, pixelated advertisements that are not necessary for the society. Although it is necessary to advertise in order to expand a business, there are many advertisements that do not belong on a certain page. (3) For example when I am focusing on finishing up a research, there are many pop-up advertisements that appear out of nowhere. I know most of the advertisements that appear on the computer screen are false (there could be a chance it could be non-existent) due to the fact that some people have the ability to scam. Also, there are unnecessary advertisements that do not belong in certain areas such as newspaper article sites. Some information that is located on sites, such as Wikipedia, has false information that is not found in other sources. (4) However, the internet does contain reliable information. (5) Reliable information is needed for the advancement of the society. Without reliable information, it is hard to prove anything (statement, declaration, etc.) wrong or right. (6) For example, reliable information that I look at is the reviews and ratings of the customers (if I am looking for a product) or the outcome based on previous scientific findings (if I am looking for information that is used for research). (7) Internet can be a reliable or non-reliable source that is based on the assumptions, preconceived notions, and the culture of the people.
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