Theory of Knowledge and Sense Perception

Topics: Human, Sense, Concepts in metaphysics Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: April 25, 2013
What can be meant by the panchatantra saying, “knowledge is the true organ of sight, not the eyes” is it necessary to have clear ideas to see?

When we say “sight” we all refer to our eyes due to which we human beings get to see, it is something we all have in common, ears to hear, nose to smell and breathe, tongue to taste and eyes to see. But when we think about knowledge every single human beings knowledge is made up of what every person learns through their past experiences, through what they have been told and with the help of the education system therefore every persons knowledge differs. Every human beings physical qualities are the same but mentally every person thinks and perceives the world around them differently. An example in this situation would be that a person who watches a lot of television recognizes an actress on the street but a person who doesn’t watch television will not recognize the actress but will see her nevertheless. Therefore everyone can “see” but how you perceive it is upto every individual. Therefore knowledge is the real source of sight the eyes are just the facilitator.

Also if we analyze only the use of our eyes by itself through an example if your walking on the road and someone asks you for a lift and you sweetly decline because your waiting for someone but you think of the gesture to be very sweet but when you go home and out your television on you see the same man is actually a robber. Therefore what your eyes see of a person or a situation may not always be completely true. The person’s eyes were not successful in judging the person but once it was connected to the knowledge they received by watching television. Therefore the eyes by itself may not always be completely truthful.

Although what would a disabled person or a blind man do in this situation? If we look at this in the scientific way that his or her eyes cannot decipher the light correctly therefore the image they see is incorrect and not truthful....
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