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Theory Of Autism

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Assessment Task 2 Theory of autism

In this essay I will examine and evaluate the characteristic behaviours associated with autistic spectrum disorder. I will use the term 'autism’ throughout my assay to refer to individuals across the whole autistic spectrum. I intend to do this by firstly looking at some of the behaviours a person on the autistic spectrum may display. Secondly I will consider the key areas of developments affected by autism; I will do this by exploring the three key areas of difficulties, as described in Lorna Wing’s classification of the Triad of Impairments; Wing (2006,p.7) “ this Triad comprises impairments of social interaction, social communication and social imagination “.I shall use the term differences in place of the term impairment, throughout my assay; as I am of the opinion that the term impairment implies a lack of ability, yet if like Bogdashina (2006.p,81) suggests “we look at these ‘impairments’ from the point of view of fundamentally different ways of being' we will see a different interpretation of the same behaviours”. I will also look at some of the non-triadic features affect people on the autistic spectrum; these include sensory issues and difficulties with motor skills. Thirdly I will consider some of the main theories used to explain the behaviours associated with autism. Finally I will summarise this essay by evaluating my currant understanding of theories.

Classification systems

Bogdashina (2006) explains that there are two standard classification systems that are internationally recognised in the diagnosis of autism: the ICD-10 (international classification of disease, European system) and the DSM-IV (the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders America system). McPartland and Ozonoff (2002) explains that not all the variations of symptoms that appear in children on the autistic spectrum are listed in the DSM, and that if a child falls below the threshold for diagnosis of autism or Asperger's...

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