Theory Description & Rationale

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Application of Personality

Good Will Hunting was an interesting movie about a young janitor who was a mathematical genius. Will had the special gift or talent for being able to solve any of the most complex equations given to him. The most baffling concept was that Will did not study at any of the prestigious Ivy League colleges; in fact he did not even have a high school diploma. He simply had the mind of a genius. The film begins with one of the key math professors at MIT Technology leaving a very complex math problem as a challenge for any of his students to solve. The problem is solved but not by one of his bright students. When no one comes forward to confess solving the problem the professor places another and discovers that it was solved by a young man working at the school as a janitor. The film continues to depict the life of the young janitor as the professor saves him from spending time in jail and instead offers him counseling sessions as well as working alongside him at the school helping prove and write mathematical equations. While the character of Will is an extremely interesting and complex character, I decided to venture from the norm and tackle the counselor being used to assess Will. After having used several different counselors who were no match for Will’s wit and charm, Professor Lambro decided to rely on one of his old college friends, counselor and professor McGuire. It is Professors McGuire character that I will analyze.

Theory Description and Rationale
Trait Theory Personality
The trait theory approach lends to the suggestion that each individual’s personality is made up of broad dispositions. Our personality traits are relatively consistent over time and across situations, our traits are made up or our; thoughts, emotions and behaviors. I believe that all types of personalities stem from one basic group of characteristics and individual personalities are just selections of a few of those...
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