Theory Critique Paper Paco 507

Topics: God, Trinity, Truth Pages: 3 (722 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Theory Critique Paper

Jenny L. Owings

Presented to
Dr. Rev. Mario Garcia
In partial fulfillment of the requirements of
Theology of Spirituality
PACO 507
Liberty Baptist Theology Seminary
Lynchburg, Virginia
February 12, 2012

In this paper I will be examining the Wilson’s four laws of relationships which is hurt people hurt people. In her book Wilson examines the fact that most of a person’s problems in adult hood have to do with childhood problems and childhood solutions. (Wilson p.85) When a child suffers abuse he learns to cope through several forms of escape. This can often result in the child drifting off into a dark fantasy word with an unhealthy lust to for power to control their environment. The occult can often be dabbled in at this stage as a thirst to control ones environment. (Wilson p.62) However, when a child learns to justify the abuse because something is wrong with them it results in binding shame. This is binding shame, the feeling which the person never feels good enough. This leads to feelings of worthlessness which can detrimentally affect relationships. (Wilson 16-18) Furthermore, the public appearance of being the perfect family confuses the child and often leads to unhealthy loyal allegiance. (Wilson p.57) These negative childhood problems have very damaging ways of looking at spiritual issues resulting in often negative views of understanding God. For example, the child who accepts the abusive behavior and is always trying to please the abuser will learn that they can only please God by performance. This can lead to religious behavior to try to be better to earn God’s love rather than having a security that God accepts them just the way they are. (Wilson p.78) In Wilson’s theory of change she stresses making new choices with consistent practice which ultimately result in change. (Wilson p.87)

The main essence to all change is the Holy Spirit which brings...
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