Theory 1

Topics: BAA Limited, London Stansted Airport, Liverpool Street station Pages: 6 (1802 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Name: Giles Peeters

Theory Assignment 1

1. Understanding own role and responsibilities in lifelong learning


My role within London Stansted Airport is an Airfield Operations Team Manager. What is included within this role is a trainer for all London Stansted Airport winter training. This requires me to fully understand all the relevant legislation that applies to working and operating large plant within the airside area of an airport which is provided by the following organisations:

* Department of Transport (DTF)
* Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
* M.A.G Airports Group
* International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)
* Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA)

The relevant rules and regulatory requirements are contained in the following documents:

* CAA – CAP 168 Licencing of Aerodromes
* CAA – CAP 413Radiotelephony Manual
* CAA – CAP 637Visual Aids Handbook
* CAA – CAP 642Airside Safety Management
* CAA – CAP 738Safeguarding of Aerodromes
* CAA – CAP 790Requirements for Airside Driving Permits * London Stansted Directors Notices
* London Stansted Airside Operations Instructions
* London Stansted Snow Plan

From all the above publications I have to apply all the various rules and regulations to ensure that my training sessions are relevant and up to date. My performance with the training I deliver is subject to audits from both outside agencies and Stansted Airport. I have to pass refresher assessor courses every 36 months to ensure that I am compliant in carrying out the training. Within the Training side of my job I have to keep up to date and accurate records of everybody I train, even if they do not meet all the criteria to pass the course.


When promoting equality and diversity during my training sessions I have to consider how well my sessions meet the needs and interests of everybody attending, and ensure that the lesson doesn’t include too much ‘airport slang’ and uses clear language without too much jargon. All joining instructions need to be inclusive and do not stereotype in any way. All training sessions have to be totally compliant with London Stansted’s Equality and Diversity Policy. It is important to ensure that no bullying or harassment is taking place, and if it does make sure it is reported and actions taken to prevent it happening again. Records have to be kept ensuring that any equality and diversity issues are noted and that every body’s assessments/ tests are exactly the same and all record show this fact. All trainers must also ensure that they teach the same course in the same way and that all records are up to the same standard across the board. 1.3

Within the role of lifelong learning I must ensure that I am up to date with all documents/publications and any changes are passed onto all candidates even if they have already completed the course and are not due to be refreshed in the very near future. Some of these changes may require additional training and I must be able to interpret these and where necessary deliver those changes to the candidates. I must also ensure that all the training I deliver is compliant and meet all the requirements of Stansted Airport and all its governing bodies, and ensure that all my candidates are fully trained and competent in the role they have been trained for by means of assessments. Any updates that are relevant to the training courses that I receive must be passed on to all trainers in that particular subject, to ensure that all training sessions are delivered consistently no matter who the trainer is.

A typical training session for Snow Clearing takes the following format. The first day consists of classroom work which involves learning the topography of the airport, what different coloured lights etc. mean. They would then learn about snow clearing methods in different areas of the airfield with different types of machinery.

The second day...
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